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Our Mission

It is the mission of Phasor Corporation to develop a line of generators powered by sustainable fuels.  Primary concentration is on generators driven by Diesel engines which have been modified to run on straight vegetable oil or Biodiesel.  These generators will be used to generate electrical power in stand alone or grid tied power applications or in applications to power hybrid electric vehicles and other transportation equipment, agricultural and construction machinery, marine vessels, and various other types of equipment.   

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Organization Profile

Phasor Corporation has developed and manufactured industrial electrical equipment since its founding in 1980.  Originally much of this work was in the area of specialty power supplies for industrial processes such as electric are welding, plasma cutting and other related processes.  Most of this equipment was manufactured under private label for prominent companies such as Westinghouse, Union Carbide Corporation and Air Products and Chemicals.  Some of this equipment is still in service all over the world in electric power plants, steel mills, Naval shipyards, and Fortune 500 manufacturing companies.  By 1994, the company had sold or licensed several products and product lines and the decision was made to de-emphasize its traditional business and begin development of products powered by sustainable energy sources.  The facilities were moved to Alameda, California.

The main result of Phasor’s sustainable energy development work during this period was the development of a generator powered by a Diesel engine that could be run on vegetable oil and be used for power generation, or in a hybrid electric vehicle.  In November, 2004, the U.S. Patent Office issued patent #6,815,934 for the generator, and a second patent (#7,330,016) was issued in Feb., 2008.  (Technical details are included in theTechnology page.  Information and a photo of the generator prototype are in the Products page.)

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Contact Information

Telephone: 510 565-6555                    
1800 Orion St., Alameda, Ca 94501
Postal address:
3527 Mt. Diablo Blvd., Unit 309, Lafayette, CA 94549
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